Think positive …

May 24, 2013

Think positive from others criticism
Educate yourself, change yourself. Don’t expect others to change


Predicting the future

May 21, 2013

I just learnt how to see the future from JR’s preach video about “Designing your future”, and it’s a really good one.  Whether you are going to be your own future inventor or just a viewer from the outside about your future but you can’t achieve, you just talk about it, and thats it.. and the worst part is that you don’t even think any of it, you just receive what is provided, and complain when it’s bad, being happy when it’s something good.

So I picked the first one, I want to be the architect of my own future. To achieve this he told me to make a big plan and think wisely how to achieve that. Divide and conquer is all what I can think of. Prevent is better than repair it when it’s broken ( or the way he describe it about health problem, it’s better to prevent sickness, than to wait until you sick, then see a doctor, take medicine). It’s much cheaper to prevent also.

First you have to make a picture of you in the future, and always think of it, dream of it, even you are going to get through rough path. Life is hard, so be tougher. Take the tough part first, and happiness will follow. Don’t take shortcut.

I don’t have this big plan before, so while I was watching his video, I think what I’m going to achieve is to make 5 top 5 games in android market. It’s my achievement that is quite hard, but when I can do this, I can prove that I’m making something good and at it’s best. And I hope to inspire other people especially Indonesian to start making something big and best.

And also I would like to have a house here in Bali for my parents to stay in their old days. I need more time and money calculations on this.

House will cost around 1 billion rupiahs. So I will need to achieve that in 3 years from now. That will be

Rp. / 3 / 12 = 27.7 million rupiahs each months. Which is around USD 3000 each month.

So I need to make at least 5 games which one game can produce USD 600 / month.

I’m going to end this year with 4 more games anymore to achieve this.

Next year I’m going to go to China to achieve my life achievement to next level. So I’m going to need around 8 million / month for life expense only. I think I’m going to stay there for 6 to 12 months. So I need a university to study, so I can get a long time visa. 6 months study is around 18 million rupiahs.

USD 2000 + (1000 * 12) = USD 14.000

That;s all what I want to achieve for this year and the next years ( for house )

After years of stucked and depression of not growing, today, I will start the step to my character growth.

One at a time, no rush, and always review is going to be my everyday routine.

Bad habits like jealousy, procrastination, and wasting time by not making schedule are my priority top lists. Self confident and self respect is the key to growth. Balance life between work and life is also important

Learn new things everyday, don’t be stuck by not doing anything which leads to boredom.

Don’t forget to get up when falling.


February 12, 2012

Just watched “Big” movies tonight. I think it’s a really great film although it has been in the shelf for a very long time.

Lessons learned :
1. You’ve got to understand child’s mind to create toys. Creating toys is just not about business, but you have to understand why children think that it’s fun to play with
2. Success doesn’t need to wait, if you can convince other people about the great idea that you have, you can be successful right there.
3. Playful and have big dream are very important things in children that you have to bring as you grow. Everybody loves these kind of attitude.
4. Be grateful in every age of your life. Being young or old, has its own problem and responsibility. So, don’t complain about every responsibility and everything that you do, just enjoy it. Because you’re going to pass it and in the future, you’ll be grateful of every pain that you’re going through.


February 4, 2012

I just finished watching How to Make it in America yesterday. It’s really dope. It really pictures how we can really survive in New York City. And I think it’s also applicable to many parts of the world. You have to have good relationships with people. Networking is the key, but it doesn’t make us as a friend user.

I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately, I’ve been to  Yogya  and Bali. It was quite a good place to live better than Jakarta I think. It’s not too crowded with people, no traffic jam, less pollution. And much more cleaner than Jakarta. It was a pleasant time visiting those both places.

I hope 2012 will be such an amazing year to pass by.

needs vs wants

March 22, 2011

Yesterday I learned how I made mistake by not letting my mind do an analytical thinking before deciding.

I lost money, although it’s just a little money, but I learned something.
1. Do think before buying. If you don’t have time to think, then postpone the buying later
2. Do you really need it? Don’t buy something because it’s fancy
3. Do you really have the money ( optional and not too important in decision making )
4. Do you know the item you’re buying? ( also optional decision option ). If it’s something you don’t know good or not, then don’t buy it. But if it’s something you don’t know, then better to have a look for it or asked someone. Or if it’s something that you know you are going to use, then just buy it.

power of speaking

January 14, 2011

After a long time not making new friends in my life, I started to realize that I’m a lonely man in this crowded city. Every door seems to be closed. Every person that I meet is just like a beast ready to eat me alive.

My friend told me that I’m too fearful to have a chat with someone, that I’m not enjoying my life. I know that, but I’m just too fearful to start making conversation with other people.

I can’t blame my work as a programmer which I have to deal with my computer screen almost 24 hours in a day. A lot of programmers ( especially in west countries) have the ability to talk and relate to other people better than me. There’s must be something wrong in me that I have to fix.

Today I’m starting to melt the ice by starting to greet people around me, having a small talk with new people that I’ve just met. And it works, my fearful heart starts to convert to a joyful heart. My boring days starts to sparkle. It’s important to share our feeling to other people. Although I still need to learn to speak fluently, but practice makes perfect. It just the matter of want or don’t want to.

A smile brings differences, so let’s smile as long as it’s free

Great debaters

November 20, 2010

Today I had a discussion with my friend about how important the knowledge is. The discussion started with how the corruption in Indonesia still a long way to be cleaned. But the media, and people needs a victim to be caught as soon as possible. And also the police has to at least do something about the corruption. But it’s just a matter of knowing that “GayTam” ( initial only for privacy) is only a small person that’s doing the tax corruption, and there are still so many other tax officer doing the same thing and in bigger cases amount of money.
Then the discussion continued talking about how a religion is connected between “just a matter knowledge” and spiritual thing of human. The discussion ended with a conclusion that it’s good to have a lot of knowledge in a religion, we have to understand what a ritual of every religion means, not just doing it without knowing the reason behind it. And also in the application it comes back to us to apply the knowledge to every situation in every aspect of our life. It’s not always true, and not always wrong. Every man has his/her own way of understanding the knowledge inside the bible, and it also determines how wise a man from his application of religion knowledge in his/her life.
And the last thing that we discussed earlier this evening was about how to overcome fear in our head. It’s between getting rid of fear from our mind by not exposing it to our senses ( by seeing it, or hearing it) and also we have to learn the fear itself from the knowledge side. Why we have that fear, and how the fear works. So in the end, I concluded that it’s good to overcome the fear itself at first by not getting to the fear too deep, after that we have to strengthen that belief by knowing how I can overcome the fear from the science side.
It’s good to have a discussion like this, it tests our mind how far we understand a problem, sharing what we know to others, and learn something from others too.

Journal started

October 28, 2010

Today, still struggling with the game engine, that is broken when I changed the movement system to use velocity instead of point following.

Why am I so slow handling this kind of problem, is this job really for me?

12 days in Tomia, Wakatobi

October 18, 2010

October 1st 2010 is the first day that I took a real vacation, and what I’m dreaming for a long time. Backpacking to Sulawesi, with 4 of my friends.  It was a really fabulous time with my friends. I met some new friends there in Tomia, and some on the way I went to Tomia. The local people there are really warm and friendly.

The trip began from International Airport Soekarno-Hatta, Cengkareng, where I took a flight to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar with Lion Air and then continued to Bau-Bau Airport with Wings Air plane. It cost me Rp 883.000 to fly to Bau-Bau with Makassar as a transit point. Then from Bau-Bau, I had to take a little ferry “KM Wisata Indah 2” to Tomia for about 10 hours on the ocean. The ferry cost me Rp 130.000

But all the efforts were not a waste at all, Tomia is like heaven, the air is very clean, the scenery is terrific. It’s also a very good place for divers. The scenery under water is very good.

At Tomia, I and my friends met my friend Yudi which is a doctor. He also introduced us to 3 of his friends, Elisa, Nad, and Tyo. They are very friendly and accepted us like their family.

The journey in Tomia began after I arrived at Tomia harbor, and then take a little walk to Tomia Dive Center, a diving center which my friend Yudi established. Then he took us to Puskesmas in Onemay, Waha. We spent only the afternoon there, then we moved on to Usuku and spent a night there. The day after we moved to Onemay again because Yudi’s friend Elisa and Tyo just got back from Wanci island, and Yudi had to handle the Puskesmas in Onemay. So we moved to Onemay for the rest of the days in Tomia. Electricity in Tomia is only up at night. We have to prepare everything that uses electricity at night, so we can use them at days. Puskesmas Keliling car is our only free transportation. We can also rent an ojek to go to places.

There is only one restaurant in Onemay, Ayu Lestari. Ayu Lestari is our only source of food if we’re hungry and lazy to cook. The resto sells a lot of menus, like Nasi Ikan, Nasi Ayam, Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng, Bakso, Kue Kacang, Es pisang ijo, Es sirop,  Es teh, etc. The chilly sauce is also very hot.The price for rice meal is around Rp 10.000 – 15.000. The price for beverages is around Rp 3.000-5.000. Thanks Ayu Lestari.

Tomia is divided into some areas, and I just visited Onemay/Waha, Waitii, and Usuku. There is still Kahayanga that I hadn’t visited yet. Each area has each own market place. Market place only opens on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday if I’m not mistaken.

There is also night market, market place that opens only at night. Night market sells cakes, and other ready to eat foods.

We went swimming almost every day. The beaches that we visited were, Hondue, Huntete. And the snorkling spots we visited were Roma, Table Coral, MariMabuk.

We also visited Wakatobi Dive Resort at Onemobaa island which is a 5 star resort for divers. Onemobaa is an island not far away from Tomia. It only takes 30 minutes for us to reach Onemobaa island by Koli-koli or a Pompong( Koli-koli is a boat slightly bigger than pompong). They have 12 resorts, a restaurant, beach, and its own electricity generator that can light up the whole island. To be able to enjoy all these facilities you will need to spend USD 3000 / week.

There is also Pemda Inn in Onemobaa which is an inn that has many rooms that you can rent for some price that I still don’t know yet.

That’s all the story, I went home on October 12th using the same route when we go. But this time we have to spend a night in the boat at Bau-Bau, because the boat arrived at night, on the other hand, the flight from Bau-bau to Makassar is only available in the afternoon 14.00 PM. We arrived at Jakarta on October 13th. It’s sad to be e_status_hidden=1